One Goodbye Means Another Hello

Vana'diel date: 884/9/1
Place: Northern San d'Oria, Merchell residence
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:01

Endahren looked down at the yard below. A familiar sight. Almost too familiar, and it brought him some pain to look at it. Almost everything brought him pain at the moment. He supposed it was only temporary, but it wasn't a pleasant experience. Nevertheless, this was his decision.
"I'll miss you terribly, you know that Jenare. Right?" He turned his head away from the view below a slightest bit. He wasn't quite prepared to face the other man yet.
"I will miss you too. Naturally, we are friends." Yes, friends. Nothing ever went right in Endahren's world. Life was too complicated. Perhaps, in a way, this temporary move to Bastok was an attempt to get away from that complexity. But how much would it really help? Everything would most likely still be the same when he returned. Clueless friend, clueless fiancée, and another friend, this one desperate. He loved them all, he could admit that to himself. He loved them so much it hurt. He sighed and turned away from the window. Before he had time to reconsider, he stepped up to Jenare and hugged him tightly.
"Don't go doing anything stupid while I'm gone," he mumbled. He could sense Jenare's confusion. He was a naturally reserved person, not used to displays of emotion like this. Finally, hesitantly, he felt Jenare's hands on his back. The pain inside him flared to life. It could never be. It could never, ever be. "And I know you've stopped writing to that kitty of yours. You start that right up again, you hear? You're not only hurting yourself, but her too."
"I… I will." Endahren knew, the subject was painful to Jenare. His father had been stubbornly against any sort of contact with a mithra, and his death had made Jenare stop his correspondence with the girl. He pressed his forehead against Jenare's shoulder briefly. Life was never easy. His advice was sincere, but it didn't make it stop hurting. He stepped back from the other man.
"Write to me too, every now and then. I'll be busy with the store and all, but I can always spare the time for an old friend." Jenare nodded. Not wanting to delay the goodbyes, Endahren left the room. His old room, above the first Merchell Daily store. The room he had lived in all his life up to now. He could hear Jenare following him. The two made their way to the street below, and separated with brief and wistful but friendly smiles. Jenare headed back home, Endahren to the airship docks. On to Bastok, and a new life.

Category: Until It's Gone

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