Shadows of the Past

Vana'diel date: 886/7/11
Place: Port Bastok, outside Merchell residence
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:06

It had been a hot day. Trade had been sluggish today, but considering how much cooler it was in the store than it was out here, working sounded actually alluring. In fact, that's what he had been doing most of the day, but it was now Calvier's shift. The guy needed something to do too, if he was to ever hold up shop by himself here.
Endahren took a gulp of his lukewarm wine and stared into the distance. Nightingale hadn't been around much lately. Not around much at all in fact. It hurt more than he thought it would have, and at random times whenever he was doing something completely unrelated, he would suddenly just stop and wonder how he was doing. Nightingale had formed so much of his life these past several years that he didn't know anymore what to do without him around. It was like a big gaping wound that had suddenly made its presence known, and it wasn't letting him forget that it existed. It was like it was purposefully looking for ways to surprise him and hit right where it would hurt the most. All this time to think wasn't doing anything to help for sure.
He took a deep breath and stood up. Maybe it was time to take another walk. He'd been walking a lot lately. At least it kept him fit, he supposed, although its main purpose was just to give him something to do, and for that he was despearate. As he turned, he bumped against something.
"What the…" He hadn't heard anything of this person's approach, and looking at his face brought a momentary sense of dizziness. "…Jenare?"
The black-haired man nodded. "Hello."
At first, Endahren could do nothing but stare. This apparition had confirmed itself to be his long-time friend, and while the features were the same as before this expression was something that he had never witnessed on Jenare's face before. It was empty and hard, and gave the impression that the wearer of the face wouldn't really care at all if you ceased to exist right then and there. It was very much unlike Jenare, so much it was unnerving. "…woah."
Jenare merely nodded at him, not that he had said much that required any kind of a response. Behind his head Endahren could see the grip of a big black two-handed sword. "…woah." It wasn't like he didn't know Jenare was getting quite strong, but he had also never been too much of a physical fighter, and always seemed more concentrated on his magical studies to anyone that knew him well. He licked his lips. "Err. Well. Great seeing you again?" It came out as more of a question than a statement.
While Jenare had never been too talkative, this was certainly a new record even for him. Something was definitely up, Endahren thought. "Oh, have a seat. And some wine. Do tell, dear old friend, where have your adventures taken you to this time?" He poured Jenare some wine from the pitcher on the table and sat back down. Jenare carefully laid his sword against the back of the chair before sitting himself. It gave Endahren some time to observe him more closely.

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