Song of the Nightingale

Vana'diel date: 881/2/14
Place: Southern San d'Oria, the Lion Spring Tavern
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:55

Endahren took a swig of his beer. He wasn't quite certain anymore how he'd ended up in an up-town tavern, but here he was. And he'd had a very bad day. First, he'd made the mistake of introducing that slut of a girl to Jenare. Then he'd left the two of them alone, and hadn't even been able to find Gellenneu and the rest of this usual gang, nor pick up a girl for the night. How he hated spending Valentione's day all by himself.
"Still moping away here in a corner?" The voice was bright and belonged to a silver-haired Elvaan youth that was approaching his corner. The boy was impeccably clothed and was wearing peculiar gloves. He was a bard, or more accurately, a bard's apprentice. The name he had given was Nightingale, and Endahren had talked with him earlier tonight. He was afraid he might've said a bit too much of what was ailing him.
"Yeah, still here. No place like a dim corner to drown your sorrows in." He saluted the boy with his mug and drank the last of it. Nightingale chuckled and supplied him with another mug.
"What, just mead?"
"If you drink, you might as well drink something sweet. All that beer's got to taste a bit dull after so many mugs of it." The boy smiled at him teasingly. Well, boy… this 'boy' was around Jenare's age even though he was so small, and he never called Jenare a boy anymore. Even though it might be true, technically. "And truthfully, you might make for better company if you clear your head a bit."
Endahren grimaced at him. That was technically true, but he didn't particularly feel like being sober tonight. He raised the mug of mead to his lips, and felt a light touch on his hand.
"I know I brought you that, but would you rather reconsider?" He looked down and saw the boy's honest grey eyes. Momentarily, the face was overlapped by another, a one with black hair. But the eyes, the eyes were the same… He took a deep breath and looked to the side guiltily. There was the reason he'd started talking with Nightingale in the first place. He reminded him too much of…
He put down his mug. "I suppose you're right. I think I'll be needing some fresh air, then." The silver-haired apparition smiled at him sweetly and helped him up.
"Let's go up at the balcony. It wasn't too crowded when I last checked." Well, of course it wouldn't be, Endahren thought as he followed Nightingale unsteadily. The upstairs was reserved for performers today. The tavern had apparently hired many to entertain their customers out on Valentione's day. Not that this place was ever really very empty, if what he'd heard was true. He'd been here once or twice only, but this place had a reputation for being one of the best taverns in the city. Also one of the more costly, and farther away from his home than he usually went when he wanted to have a good time. There were many perfectly good establishments closer to home if he wanted to do that.
When they reached the top of the stairs, a breeze of fresh air greeted them. The door to the balcony was left open to bring a little ventilation to the packed tavern.
"Mmm… Feels so good, it's getting a bit stuffy down there." Endahren agreed with the statement, although he hadn't even noticed it in the situation itself. He'd been too busy feeling miserable. He took a deep breath of the chilly night air and stepped out. It wasn't much colder than it had been earlier, and maybe even warmer. The weather was good enough to sit outside in, at least for a while. "Oh, we can sit here." Nightingale walked to a bench to the far right of the door they had come through and sat down, patting the space beside him. The moonlight gleamed off his hair, making them glow. Endahren swallowed. Once again, he saw a flash of a different person in Nightingale's place, and the thought of that person inviting him like this was really rather thought-evoking. Not unpleasant, but it made him think of things that could turn unpleasant if ever attempted to bring forth into reality. He cast his eyes up to the skies, stepped forward and sat down. Altana help him now, but he had no intention of backing down at this stage. And it's not like the boy wasn't attractive, far from it.
When he sat down, the boy shuffled closer and leaned on him. "A bit chilly here." Endahren sighed faintly and drew his right arm around him. "Not too much, I think." He looked down at the the boy - Nightingale, he should really learn to use his name - and stopped. It was a funny world. Before the last sunset, he had still been thinking of spending Valentione's with Jenare. Then Vera had shown up, and her being Arienne's fiancee's younger sister, and Arienne having unceremoniously dumped the girl on him so she could go have a peaceful evening with Vichuel, he had had no choice but to invite her with him for the night. He should've known it would mean trouble. He didn't know Vera too well, but he thought he knew enough.
"Stop frowning. It doesn't fit you." Nightingale lifted his head and looked directly at him. His face was close, Endahren could feel his breath on his face.
"How did you know I was frowning?"
"I could sense it. You get a sense for that stuff when you're an entertainer like me." Endahren nodded thoughtfully, and without thinking of it any further, drew closer to Nightingale and kissed him. His lips were a bit chilly, but soft, and his mouth was warm enough. It was sweet, sweeter than it probably should have been.

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