The Merchant and His Bride

Vana'diel date: 884/9/9
Place: Port Bastok, Merchell Daily
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:02

Endahren leaned against the counter and sighed. It was getting dark outside already.
It had been several days since he and Calvier Arandant had opened the Bastok branch of Merchell Daily. It had been a busy week, moving to Bastok and setting up the store, not to mention getting used to life in this place. The store had opened reasonably well, but there was much more work ahead of him now that people's first curiosity was filled. More fliers to be handed out, special offers to returning customers, generally spreading the word of this new place to buy your necessities from.
But he supposed he was getting used to this now, living in Bastok and taking care of the store. There were bound to be surprised in store yet, but the groundwork was done. That left him with more time to brood. He was in Bastok now, but what could he concretely do to help now that he was here?
His thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. "Welcome! Welcome to Merch-" He stopped his words short when he saw the person who had entered. A short silver-haired elvaan, with a face pretty enough to be a girl's. It was Nightingale, the reason he had wanted to come to Bastok in the first place. He was looking around carefully, taking in the wares laid out around the shop.
"See anything you like?" Endahren asked in a low voice. Nightingale looked at him and gave a small smile.
Endahren smiled back at him. He had been too busy to exchange more than a few words with Nightingale since he had moved in, mostly just to reconfirm that Nightingale knew where to find the shop. But he hadn't visited the place until now. Endahren hadn't been all too certain he would, before being taken here at least once. Nightingale was most careful about not infringing on what he saw the private life of people, and since Endahren lived right above the shop, he had been worried that this would count as too private.
He walked to where Nightingale was standing and hugged him. He had been worried what the other was doing, all by himself. The last time they had had the time to see each other properly, Nightingale had seemed quite down. Endahren's thoughts flew back to the day. It had been last month, he had come to Bastok to check out the building for the store and take care of preliminary business in the city.
"I've missed you." Endahren looked down at Nightingale, who looked back at him. That was right when it happened. Endahren had forgotten they weren't in a very private place. Calvier walked in.
When he saw the two embracing each other in the middle of the shop, gazing into each other's eyes, he stopped. "Ah…" There was a pause. Both Endahren and Nightingale turned to look at him. "Right! This must be Ellanore then? Your fiancĂ©e?" Endahren couldn't help it. He burst out laughing, holding on to Nightingale for dear life.
"…you find the situation amusing?" Nightingale asked him, annoyed. He looked affronted. Calvier blinked at his voice, which wasn't very low but still unmistakably male. Then he blushed.
"Oh…sorry. Misunderstanding." Endahren continued laughing.

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