Thoughts of the Day After

Vana'diel date: 881/2/15
Place: Northern San d'Oria, Merchell residence
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:56

Endahren woke up. From somewhere below came the scent of freshly baked bread. It made his head ache. He hadn't come home until late into the night, and could really use several hours of sleep more. He had even considered spending the night somewhere else since he knew he would inevitably be woken up in the morning here, but had decided against it in the end. Not that he would have had many options for that, since he hadn't had a gil to his name by midnight.
His cheeks burned when he remembered why that was. Nightingale, the boy had given as his name. Certainly not his real name, but it wasn't as if he needed to know the real name. Nightingale was good enough a name, and fitting besides. What he remembered of it, the boy sang like something out of this world. Although he admitted to himself that the impression might have been due to his severe intoxication by that point of the night, he had sobered up considerably after it.
Endahren sighed and wished he could have stayed asleep for a bit more. But judging by the position of the sun, someone would come disturb him at any time now, if he didn't quickly show himself downstairs. While the morning after Valentione's day wasn't the busiest day in business, that was no excuse not to be prepared for the customers. He looked out the window. The sky was partially obscured by clouds, although the sun still managed to shine too brightly for his tastes. There was frost on the window glass, obviously melting in the warmer temperatures of late morning.
He got up and wondered how Jenare's night had gone after he had left. He much doubted anything serious had happened, knowing his friend, but somewhere deep inside there was a part of him that was scared and whimpering in a corner. He supposed there was no denying anything to himself by now, but tried not to think of it. He'd get over this. He was never hung up on any one person for long. A good thing too, for he supposed Mr Delouvien, Ella's father, would kill him if he did. Even as it was he was constantly in trouble trying to keep a balance between his private life and his public life. Sometimes he wondered how long he could keep this up. Even his resources weren't infinite.
Having made himself look presentable, he scrambled downstairs for a bite of something to eat before work. This was going to be a long day indeed.

Category: Until It's Gone

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