Why Must it Be?

Vana'diel date: 881/2/14
Place: Port San d'Oria, by the Rusty Anchor
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:54

Endahren sighed and looked out at the sea, leaning on the railing. The sun was just setting, and the crisp air made his breath billow out in a white mist in front of him. It hadn't been a good day for him, although he supposed it had been for several others. Two others in particular, that exceedingly polite friend of his called Jenare, and that slut of a girl Vera. He supposed he should have known to expect something like this if the two were ever brought in contact with each other. Jenare was too young and naive, and that attracted girls like Vera. And for Jenare, attention from a girl like her was rare and welcomed, at least according to what he had seen before becoming too exasparated at his own stupidity. But maybe that had been a mistake too, leaving those two alone like that.
Endahren sighed again and sank his head in his hands. This wouldn't be good at all, he just knew it.
"Feeling better, Endahren?" He looked over his shoulder at the familiar voice. It was Jenare, holding out his cloak. He had forgotten it in the Rusty Anchor in his hurry to get out. But since Jenare was out here, what had happened to Vera?
"Thanks," he said, taking the offered clothing. "Yeah, I'm better. Ready to party all night!" While he didn't like hiding it, there was no way he would let Jenare know he'd been only getting moody because Jenare had paid too much attention to a girl. Pretending was the way to go here. And anyway, the experience might do Jenare some good. Loss of some of that naivety and all? Somewhere deep in his head, a small voice said that he didn't want that to happen even if it might be useful for his friend. It sure wasn't useful to him. He ignored the voice.
"You really shouldn't do that, your father would be angry. You drink too much in the first place."
"Oh, c'mon Jenare. It's Valentione's day and I don't have a girl! Even Ella's ignoring me. I deserve some booze."
"As long as you won't complain to me about your hangover tomorrow." Endahren laughed. They both knew he was going to do that anyway.
"Where'd you leave Vera?"
"I excused myself for a moment when I noticed you'd forgotten your cloak." Ah. So that was it. He felt a bit disappointed. For Jenare, saying that he'd excused himself for a moment really meant just that, and implied he was heading back in right away since his task was done. He never went back on his word, not that Endahren knew of.
"Ah, is that so… well, I think I'm gonna head out and go find Gellenneu and the others. I sure won't be having any luck here, you know." Of course, just an excuse. He didn't want to stay and watch Vera flirt with Jenare any longer.
"I'll be seeing you tomorrow then. Take care now." Endahren nodded, and they both went in their own directions, Jenare back into the Rusty Anchor to be enticed by that girl, Endahren deeper into the city to find his friends. Endahren supposed this would be a frequent occurrence from now on.

Category: Until It's Gone

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