Worries in the Night

Vana'diel date: 884/8/10
Place: Bastok Markets, at the outskirts
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 17:01

Endahren followed Nightingale down the dark, empty street. He lived in an area like this? He could come up with no other reason why they were walking around a run-down section of the city. He was surprised something like this was so close to the wealth of the Markets proper area. Bastok's back streets held secrets, it seemed.
He looked at the slender back of the younger man, walking down the street with his hair gathering every bit of illumination, giving them an otherworldly glow. He had cried. He had actually cried. On one hand, Endahren felt honored that Nightingale would trust him that much, but on the other he was worried and pained that he felt that desperate. He had been certain before that he couldn't let Nightingale go through something like this all alone, but now he was even more certain. Despite the other's insistence that he would do well, he obviously needed the support.
Eventually, they reached the end of the street, and turned to an alley. Endahren followed the other man silently. The building that Nightingale finally stopped at seemed to be in good enough shape, at least. It was too dark to see properly, but the walls appeared sound. At least he wouldn't freeze, in here. He followed Nightingale in.
"I'm renting this place from the owners, they live on the main side of the house. This room only gives out to the alley, so they have no use for it other than renting," Nightingale explained quietly as he was lighting a lamp. Endahren nodded, forgetting that Nightingale couldn't see it, having his back turned. The room wasn't too small, but it wasn't too big either. The furnishings weren't in the best shape, but he supposed that would just have to do for a while. It's not like Nightingale could have acquired much by himself in the short time he had lived here.
When he had lit the lamp, Nightingale moved on to bring life to the fire in the fireplace. Endahren looked on, not saying anything. He didn't really know what to do now that he was here.
"So are you here just to cheer me up or did you really go on ahead and open a shop here?" Nightingale curled up in front of the fireplace, having added wood to it. The fire was burning brightly now, giving some more light and warmth. The nights would start to get cold soon. At least they would in San d'Oria.
"I went to see the building we bought for the store today. It's in the port area, a nice enough place." Endahren walked to the fireplace and sat down next to Nightingale. "We hired a Bastokan elvaan as an aide, just like I planned. A friend of Ella's family has relatives here, one of their kids."
"Is she doing well?" Nightingale was still refusing to look at him. Endahren sighed.
"Well enough, I suppose. I never know with her, she could be thinking anything. She only appears to care of her battles. It's gotten worse again, Gjallaneux doesn't want Ella to go off on her own. I keep telling him it's alright, she'll be able to handle it and the experience would do her good, but…"
"A parent's love…" Nightingale whispered. Endahren fell silent. Nightingale was also problematic to him. He never quite knew what would bring forth unpleasant memories, and what would make him happy that at least someone, somewhere, was enjoying their life.
The fire was making odd patterns on Nightingale's face. Endahren reached out and drew the other to his chest, wrapping his arms around him. Nightingale didn't resist, but made no move to embrace him again either. But that was enough by itself.

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