Vision of Abyssea
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Hushed whispers tell of the appearance of new Cavernous Maws
that serve as gateways to a heretofore uncharted frontier.
Those who dare to venture through to the bast bleakness beyond
return with harrowing tales of an unforgiving world long forsaken
by the gods - a world called Abyssea, whose sanguine sky is an
ever-present portent of looming destruction. There, the savage
baying of creatures at once surreal and dreadful strikes
a chilling counterpoint to the anguished wailing of the land
as it crumbles and falls to chasmic depths.

Far above the horizon, the moon is aglow in serene radiance,
a great jewel of hope shining against a bloody veil of death…

New Additions

Empyrean Weapons
Monster family: Limule, Clionid, Sibilus, Elasmoth, Purbol, Adenium, Iratham

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