Hunting Sounds

Hydaelyn date: 1572/1/3
Viewpoint: Vylbrand, La Noscea, Gods' Grip
Place: Sasare Sare
Posted on 05 Mar 2013 18:22

Whoomp. There it was again. Sasare stopped, and looked around carefully. Nothing. There was supposed to be nothing here except that lone fisherman down by the cliffs. Fishing. She was certain of it. Carefully, she went down to the other person, armed with a fishing rod she didn’t know how to handle.
“Sisipu!” The shout came from above. It was that blasted roe again, all dressed up in his fancy finery, now running towards the two. While she hadn’t seen the fisherman before, she was apparently called Sisipu. Sasare could see now that she was a lalafell woman, around the same height as she herself. Did she have something to do with this strange phenomenon too? Sasare already knew the roe did. He had shown up in gods knew how many places by now, like he was hounding her. Or like she was hounding him perhaps. She had the distinct feeling that something wasn’t right about this whole thing. It was somehow connected to that noise she kept hearing, that she was certain of. So of course, she had started hunting for the noise, determined to find out what was going on, what was being kept hidden from her. She didn’t like secrets she wasn’t partial to. Secrets like that all should be blown open for her to see. It was completely unfair that this one was still eluding her.
She observed as the two had a brief conversation, almost completely ignoring her. She nodded along when she was described as a harmless, friendly fisherwoman, showing her rod for good measure. It seemed to work perfectly. She repeated the gestures when the roe asked her to keep an eye on Sisipu. Once again, her disguise was perfect. As always. She was very confident about her powers of misdirection and deceit, when such measures were needed.
There it was again. Whoomp. She acted casual and turned around to look at Sisipu. She was carefully throwing out a line, seemingly completely focused on what she was doing. Sasare knew from experience that if she asked, he would claim no roegadyn had been here, even though her own memories told her differently.
“Aren’t you going to fish?” Only the smallest of glances told Sasare that the question was meant for her. That, and the fact that nobody else was there.
“Oh, yes.Of course. I was simply wondering if it would be too impolite.”
“Don’t be shy now. Although I do wonder how you came upon this place.”
“I was…I was actually told to find the lighthouse around here somewhere. Something about some fish.” Sasare nodded and congratulated herself on coming up with a plausible story.
“I see. You’ve come slightly too far.”
“I see, I see.” Sasare nodded along and tried to untangle herself from the rod. Fishing, fishing…how did you do it again?
“And you decided to stop for a little fishing on the way?”
“Yes, that is exactly right. Try the waters, all that.”

Title Date
The Inexplicable Meeting 1571/7/19
Hunting Sounds 1572/1/3

Category: Winds of Change

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