A Conversation With a Moogle

Vana'diel date: 885/7/20
Viewpoint: Ellanore Delouvien
Place: Southern San d'Oria, in front of a Mog House
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:36

Ellanore looked up. The area was unfamiliar to her. Most the buildings here were either relatively new or recently renovated. There were normal houses too, but most of the buildings in the area were mog houses.
The Mog House Management Union was a relatively new thing in San d'Oria. They were a union representing moogles, and giving out housing and rental rooms for adventurers. Ellanore felt something she couldn't quite define, standing there. In the recent years, more and more adventurers had been appearing all over Vana'diel, fighting back beastmen and other threats where national armies wouldn't or couldn't go.
"Is the house to your liking, kupo?" The cheery voice came from beside her. She looked down. A moogle. She still wasn't quite sure how to treat them, she had never talked to a one before today.
"Yes, it appears fine."
"Let's go check the room then! I'm sure you'll be pleased, kupo!" She nodded calmly and marched in after the moogle. She wondered if they really didn't have any marks that defined them as individuals. All the moogles she had seen had looked the same. Or perhaps she just needed to look more carefully. She stared hard at the moogle's back and his - her? - flapping wings, trying to notice something that could be defined as an individual trait. She found nothing.
"Here we are, kupo!" The moogle flew excitedly around the empty room. Ellanore looked around. It didn't appear half bad. She wondered how much furniture cost. She had never paid attention to such things, she had never needed to. But if she was going to do this, she would probably need something here, at least a bed.
She walked to the window and looked down. There was a small garden yard below, green in mid-summer light. "Do you happen to know where one can buy furniture?"
"Oh yes, it's easy kupo. Just head to one of the auction houses." The moogle flew beside her. Ellanore got the sudden feeling that he - she? - looked like he was about to land on her shoulder. Then the moment passed.
"I think… I've decided. I want it. Starting next month. Is that good?"
"Absolutely-kupo!" The moogle started flying around the room again. It looked excited. "I'm so happy! If Master needs to know anything else, Master can ask me!" Ellanore looked at the moogle carefully. She wasn't quite sure if this had been a good idea after all. It wasn't as if she was afraid exactly - many adventurers left the details of their daily lives in the hands of the moogles, she'd heard - but all this excitement wasn't really inspiring any confidence in her.
Well, at least it was done now. She was leaving, no matter what her parents said. She glanced down at the yard again. There was a good chance they wouldn't even be able to find her, once she set out. She had been planning this for a long time now, and wanted it for much longer. She would have her own life now.

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