Candy Dispenser

Vana'diel date: 869/10/30
Viewpoint: Triene Richille
Place: Port San d'Oria, by the Rusty Anchor
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:24

"Hi, guys. Missed me?" Endahren Merchell's cheery voice cut through the general hubbub in the port. It was a busy festival day. The people were cheery due to the Harvest Festival celebrations, but some work still needed to be done. Workmen were loading cargo below at the dock, and behind them came the sounds of celebration from the close-by popular pub Rusty Anchor.
General mumblings to the negative came from the four boys gathered in the alley. It didn't mean that they hadn't felt the lack of Endahren's presence, it merely meant that they did not like admitting it to his face. Triene felt like shaking his head. Sometimes, he wondered why he hung around this crowd. Although Endahren was nice enough when he didn't try too much, he supposed. Not to mention…
"I have stuff for you!" He waved around two bags that obviously included some goodies. The Merchells were by no means poor, and had a habit of supplying their children's friends with some goodies at festival times. Not too many of course, just enough to remind the children where they could get more, and pay for them this time. That's how father put it anyway, and Triene supposed it could be true. Nevertheless, he would never turn down good candy, that would be a complete waste.
"What have you for us?" It was Gell - or Gellenneu, father always said he was too familiar with people who would one day be his potential customers.
"Bubble chocolate!" was Endahren's cheery answer. Everything about him seemed cheery today. And true enough, when Triene looked at the bags more carefully he saw they did not quite appear to be bound by gravity, but floated more this way or that according to Endahren's movements. They weren't in any danger of floating away since the fabric of the bags weighed them down enough, but if left alone a piece of bubble chocolate was quite liable to float away in the next breeze. "A lot of it! Mom said to ask you to take some home, too, for the little ones. I suppose we could eat all of it by ourselves, too, but she would hear about it…so no eating too much, alright?"
Several protests came from the boys, but they promised not to eat more than their share. Sometimes Triene thought that if Endy told them to run in the way of a freaked out chocobo, they'd do it too. Nevertheless, he agreed with the other boy's words. The bags seemed big enough, and Jenare might leave him alone for the evening if he brought home candy. Sometimes, having a younger brother could be so tiring.

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