Chase the Pickpocket

Vana'diel date: 885/10/15
Viewpoint: Ellanore Delouvien
Place: Port San d'Oria, in the harbor area
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:38

Ellanore was walking down the street when it happened. There was a theft. Right in front of her eyes! Her first thought was incredulity. How could this happen in San d'Oria, in broad daylight? Her second thought was to offer her help. She wasted no time in inquiring if it was needed. Even if she was an adventurer now, this was still her city. She would let no lowly thief mar its streets if she could help it. And wasn't helping people what adventurers did? The guard told her the stolen item had been his wife's glasses, and seemed thankful for her offer.
"I cannot leave my post, you see. If you could do this for me, I would be very grateful."
"You can leave it to me." Ellanore nodded seriously and strode after the hallway she'd seen the thief disappear to. How did they dare? How did they dare do something like that to an innocent person? She was filled with righteous anger.
"Excuse me…" A small girl stopped her striding and her thoughts. Ellanore looked down at her questioningly.
"You are going after the pickpocket, right? She dropped something…" The girl offered up a button, silver and with an eagle carved on it. Ellanore took it carefully. It had obviously been ripped from something, the button still had bits of thread going through it. She smiled. Proof!
"Thank you very much. This should prove helpful." She quickly continued her way to the hallway. She had lost some time, but thought it to be worth it. She would catch this heinous thief.
It proved to be more problematic than she had thought. The thief was fast, and the streets of San d'Oria were like a maze. She had to stop numerous times and backtrack once when she lost the thief's trail. But finally, she found herself at the Ranperre Gate in the northern district of the city. She looked out dubiously. The sun was setting.
"You are certain that a woman of the description went through here?"
"That she did. Seemed to be in a hurry and headed straight west. She was somewhat suspicious, I should have known. My apologies, I might have enabled her to get away." The guard at the gate looked embarrassed.
Ellanore sighed. There was nothing to it but to go after her, then. "You couldn't have known. Do not worry, I will track her down and retrieve the lost glasses." She nodded seriously. It was getting night, but she had her bow and dagger. She was reasonably certain she could keep her own in battle. "Thank you for the information."
She strode out. A cold wind blew past her, but it wasn't enough of a hindrance to make her stop. In no time she was deeper into the forest of Ronfaure than she had dared venture since leaving home. She had seen no orcs yet, but kept a careful eye out for them. You never knew these days. The forest, even this close to the city, wasn't safe anymore.
On the road she met a traveler, and was lucky enough to confirm that she was going to right way. The traveler had seen a woman fitting the description walk fast towards a watchtower even further west. Ellanore thanked the traveler politely and continued. The watchtower was closed, she discovered after checking her map. She got more nervous when she neared the tower. Would the thief be here? Would she have continued somewhere even farther away from San d'Oria? If so, her options were limited. She hadn't come prepared for an all-night journey.
Then the tower loomed before her. The last rays of the sun were just disappearing beyond the horizon. It was already dark beneath the trees. She took a deep breath and strode to the clearing around the construct, and headed straight for the door. It was ajar, and light was coming from the crack. Determinedly, she pushed it open, and quickly looked around.
Catch! The red-haired woman from the harbor was there. She turned to look at Ellanore questioningly as she entered.
"Hand over the glasses now, please."
"Excuse me?"
"The glasses you stole from the guard in the harbor. Hand them over, and you will not be punished too hard."
"I have no idea what you are talking about. I have been here all day."
Ellanore looked at the thief through slitted eyes, and tilted her head. Then she took the button with the eagle carving from her pocket. "This look familiar to you?"
"Now, hand them over. It is so low, stealing glasses of all things."
The thief sighed. "This really isn't my day, is it… Fine, here are your glasses. But I have no intention of getting caught for this, you can't make me." The thief snatched the button from Ellanore's hand and held it to her chest. With the other hand, she was holding out the glasses. Ellanore looked at her for a while. She did look somewhat strong, and it wasn't like she wanted anyone to get hurt. And if the glasses were returned…
She closed her eyes and took the glasses. "Very well. I have no further business with you then." With that, she turned around and headed back to the city. When she closed the door of the tower behind her, she heard a mumbled thanks. Maybe there was hope even for a thief such as this one. Ellanore smiled faintly as she walked. Now to return the glasses. She hoped the guard was still on duty so she could find him again. If he wasn't, she supposed she would just have to try again tomorrow. She felt good. It was the first useful thing she had done in several months. Now she suddenly had faith in herself again. She could do it.

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