Descending Darkness

Vana'diel date: 880/3/14
Viewpoint: Nightingale
Place: Upper Jeuno, a random tavern
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:32

Master Peridaut was still sick. Only a bit, his fever was mostly gone, but Nightingale thanked his luck. He had managed to persuade his Master to stay in bed for one more night. Tonight, he didn't want interference. Briefly, the thought of having to sneak out from under Master Peridaut's gaze in the future occurred to him, but it wasn't yet anything much to concern himself over. What would come would come.
He had been hurting until well in the afternoon after last night. Walking back to where he and his Master lived had been something he didn't really want to remember. Back then, the pain had been a bit too raw for it to occur, but after he had woken up, every little twinge had reminded him of his act of rebellion. He hadn't been comfortable by any means, but at least he had been content. It brought him a sort of happiness to have done something which Master Peridaut would be so opposed to.
When he had started singing, he had quickly identified Alfons in the crowd. He was sitting in a corner table with another hume, one with long brown hair. The other one appeared to be of similar age with Alfons, and judging by the way they interacted, the two were friends. The sight had confused Nightingale. Why bring a friend tonight? The matter worried him so much he had nearly sung two notes wrong. It was indeed lucky that Master Peridaut wasn't here.
He had just bought mead for himself, and was pondering whether to approach the two men. He might not be welcome after all, since there was a friend. But when he glanced over to the table, Alfons caught his eye and gestured for him to come over. Nightingale gave him a grin - what he hoped to be a confident grin, but was more likely relieved - and weaved his way over to the table. The place was rather full.
The hume friend of Alfons eyed him appreciatively as he reached the table. "So this really is your catch from last night? Woah, Alfons. You sure made a good find."
Nightingale's cheeks grew warm. So that's how it was. He had been bragged about. He guessed it didn't really matter, as long as it didn't reach Master Peridaut's ears, and as far as he knew, Master Peridaut wouldn't go anywhere near this kind of people.
"I sure did." Alfons chuckled. "Sit down, Nightingale. Join us." Nightingale smiled and sat down. "Ready for a long night?" The hume's eyes on his felt like they would burn him. He suddenly felt very thirsty.
"Always," Nightingale answered, and smiled coyly. Then he took a gulp of his mead. He really was thirsty, all of a sudden.
Alfons leaned close to him, and whispered. "That's good. That's very good. That idiot is Edward. He'll be joining us tonight." Nightingale could feel his eyes widen. If his cheeks hadn't been crimson before, they certainly were now. This other hume was going to…join them? He felt dizzy.
Edward leaned close to him too. "That's all right, isn't it?" he purred into Nightingale's ear.
"Oh, yes!" Nightingale whispered breathily into his mug. Then he emptied it. The two humes were laughing, and he could hear desire in their laughter.

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