Go Out and Advertise

Vana'diel date: 872/10/31
Viewpoint: Nightingale
Place: Lower Jeuno, in the streets
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:26

Nightingale giggled at the street performers. It was the day of the Harvest Festival. Technically, he was supposed to be with Master Peridaut, they would perform tonight and Master Peridaut was always adamant about preparations, seeing that every single little detail was in place. But he had opted to sneak out instead, to come out and play with his friends, see the amazing costumes people were wearing, just generally have fun.
It felt like it had been ages since the last festival. He loved these days, when people were cheery and out in the streets in crowds, laughing and shouting and just generally having a good time. He always got to wear nice clothes on festival days, too. In truth they were just for performing, but he thought that was such a waste. If Master Peridaut was going to pay him for a nice costume for the Harvest Festival, why should he only wear it during his performance? He wouldn't get it dirty or anything, he was always careful about things like that.
When the performance ended, Nightingale looked around. He hadn't found his friends yet, none of them had exactly been expecting for him to have any free time today. It would be a surprise, for sure. Looking around, his eyes met those of an elderly lady, sitting on a bench nearby. The woman smiled and gestured him over.
"You have such a nice costume, boy. I felt like giving you a cookie for it." She smiled and dug out a cookie from her basket. "Heading out to for trick-or-treating with your friends?"
Nightingale took the offered cookie and smiled brightly. "Thank you, ma'am. I'm actually out here for a little while only. I will be performing with my Master at the square in front of Neptune's Spire tonight, the clothes are more because of that."
"Ah, a performer, are you? What will you be doing?"
"I am a singer, ma'am." Nightingale turned to leave. He didn't have too much time to spend on stuff like this if he wanted to have time to be with his friends today. But he remembered well all Master Peridaut's teachings of always advertising yourself and your performance, for bigger crowds and more gil. He turned back and looked at the old woman. "Please give us your patronage tonight." He bowed slightly. "And thank you again for the cookie, ma'am."
The old woman chuckled at him. "My, you're a little charmer, aren't you. I'll definitely be there." Nightingale put on his best stage smile and thanked the woman. Then he left, waving to her as he went before disappearing into the crowd. That had taken up too much precious time, but he supposed it couldn't be helped.

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