Meeting Your Employer

Vana'diel date: 884/8/10
Viewpoint: Calvier Arandant
Place: Bastok Markets, Chocobo Stables
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:34

It was morning, the air wasn't too hot even for the time of the day. Calvier nervously leaned against the fence of the small but reputable chocobo stables in the Markets area. While most travelers would prefer to use a bigger one, his future - he supposed now current - employer had chosen to arrive at this one. He sounded like a person who didn't like wasting time on trivialities, this Endahren Merchell from San d'Oria.
Calvier quickly straightened up when he realized what he was doing. Said employer was standing only several ilm away, making small talk with one of the stable boys. He was a curious sight here in Bastok, a blond elvaan in a country where elvaan were rare enough. A foreigner who wanted to set up a business in this city of opportunities. Calvier supposed he should be thankful that he had been judged good enough to be brought into the position of this man's helper, thankful that a cousin of his had relations to San d'Oria. More than anything Calvier wanted a stable income now, to be seen as a respectable man by his own right. This was his big opportunity, and he wasn't going to make it disappear.
Endahren walked to him, brushing his forehead. "Quite hot in here this time of the year."
"Not particularly," Calvier responded. He wondered how much colder it was in San d'Oria. It was a late-summer morning for sure, but this was Bastok and San d'Oria was quite a way north from here. Calvier was born and raised in Bastok, even though he was an elvaan. He supposed it was uncommon, to be a Bastok-born elvaan. He didn't recall ever meeting another one, although was sure they must exist. But rather than being an oddity himself, the odd one was Endahren in Calvier's eyes, this future husband of a cousin's former student who adamantly wanted to play merchant in Bastok.
"So. I hear you have it all set up for me and waiting."
"Yes. I checked the premises myself before signing the preliminary contract, they are in good shape and the location satisfies your demands. I do think we got a good deal with that building." Endahren nodded to his response thoughtfully.
"Well, that remains to be seen. We'll check the paperwork once I've actually seen the place. From what I understand it's not too far from the markets district?"
"Yes, although like I notified you earlier there would have been chocobo stables closer to the site."
"That's of no consequence. I need to check out the Markets district right away, and I can't really do that lugging a wayward chocobo behind me. Let's start walking."
Calvier felt like sighing. This energy, this dedication wasn't something he was too used to. But this was his big chance. That's what he kept telling himself anyway.

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