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Vana'diel date: 881/1/12
Viewpoint: Nightingale
Place: East Ronfaure, close to Eastgate of San d'Oria
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:33

The first stars of the evening shone in the sky. The sun had not yet set, but it was getting cold. Even though this was south from Jeuno, the weather felt colder here. In the distance, getting ever closer, were the grey walls of the city of San d'Oria. It was his first time here since he was five. It had been twelve years since had left. Nightingale wasn't certain how he felt about that, or how he felt about returning. Jeuno had been nice enough, he supposed, and he didn't really remember anything about living in this city.
He shifted his attention from the approaching city to the back of Master Peridaut, the man who he had been apprenticed to at age five and who had taken him out of San d'Oria soon after, to the bustling city of Jeuno. Airships hadn't still been in use back then, not that they could have afforded to get on board one if they had. Even now, there was no airhsip route to San d'Oria, so they had traveled all this distance on chocobo-back. Not that they still could have really afforded to pay the airship fare if the route had been established. While they weren't poor anymore, it was much more sensible to just rent chocobos instead of use exorbitant amounts of gil on something as frivolous as a comfortable and quick journey on a warm airship.
Nightingale sighed bitterly. Oh, if only… It wasn't very comfortable traveling on chocobo in the dead of winter. He had developed a nasty cough that he hoped would fade when they arrived in San d'Oria and didn't have to spend all their time out in this cold air, at the mercy of the elements. He had asked Master Peridaut for funds to even search out a healer of some kind, since their livelihood depended on them looking good and performing well, not bogged down by sicknesses. People did not want to be reminded of the ordinary when expecting to be carried to a fictionary world with no troubles except the heroic kinds.
"Boy, still staying in your saddle?" It was Master Peridaut. Nightingale urged his chocobo on to ride alongside him.
"I am well, thank you. Although I cannot pretend I'll be much better when we get somewhere warm." Peridaut nodded in response.
"Try to take it easy. I already have a healer in mind, they'll cure you up no time. Just be sure not to do anything too taxing the first couple days, you understand that, right?" Nightingale smiled politely and nodded. He didn't for a moment fool himself that Master Peridaut cared for his wellbeing. What he cared about was his voice, which was a precious source of income. Nightingale wasn't shy to admit it, he was a very good singer. It brought some responsibilities with it, not being able to do whatever you wished. Your voice always went first.
He had brief flashes of times when he hadn't put his voice first, but pushed them quickly aside. Those had nothing to do with Master Peridaut, and with any luck he would never know of such things.
In a way, he was glad they were coming to San d'Oria. This could mean a new beginning to him, and while he would loose the freedom of being in a familiar place and knowing all the ways you could fool someone, it would be replaced by the freedom of not knowing everything, and having that protect you. Both had their dangers, and Nightingale welcomed the change.

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