Shine Bright for me, Stars

Vana'diel date: 878/12/25
Viewpoint: Ellanore Delouvien
Place: Northern San d'Oria, the Merchell residence
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:30

It was evening of the Starlight Celebration. Ellanore was cowardly hiding behind her mother. It was completely against everything she was, but that's what she was doing. She wasn't certain if she really wanted to do this, but there seemed to be no way out of it at this late a stage. Her mother knocked on the door. Ellanore closed her eyes and squeezed the box she was holding tightly. The box was a gift, a gift to her fiancé, Endahren Merchell.
The door opened.
"Mrs Delouvien. Ellanore. We've been waiting." It was Arienne, Endahren's older sister. Ellanore had never really met her before, all she knew was that she was engaged. Nevertheless, the young woman was smiling welcomingly despite her polite-sounding words.
"Good evening, Arienne. My, you've grown since I last saw you!" Polite words were exchanged between her mother and Arienne. Ellanore continued hiding. She had no idea of the proper way to behave in a situation like this. Couldn't she just have stayed home practicing her bow? Now she would have to participate in meaningless conversation with people she hardly knew, and bear all evening with the presence of Endahren. That he had lately changed a bit for the better didn't make her look forward to the evening now that it was upon her. But it would have been extremely rude to turn down the invite.
They were joined in the hallway by Mrs Merchell, and more polite greetings were exchanged. Then it was time for her mother to go. Ellanore glanced longingly at the open door before it closed. Now she really was stuck here the whole night.
"Come here, Ellanore dear. The men are waiting in the living room. We've been so excited, waiting for you! Oh, no need to be nervous now, Endahren is a nice enough boy. A bit wild every now and then, but he's a gentleman when it comes down to it." Ellanore could feel her cheeks flare to life under the motherly conduct of Mrs Merchell, and her teasing smile at the last words. But she felt better after hearing those words. Mrs Merchell seemed to be a nice enough lady, maybe the evening wouldn't be quite so excruciating after all.
She followed Mrs Merchell and Arienne to the living room, still holding the gift box tightly, and answering with a few words to the two Merchell women's inquiries.
"There you are, Endahren! That was very rude of you, to let your fiancée be greeted by the women of the house. You should have come to the door yourself, you know," Mrs Merchell admonished her son the instant they reached the living room. Endahren bounded up from where he'd been sitting.
"I-I should have? Oh." He looked at his mother nervously, glanced at Ellanore, and looked away. Ellanore herself was a bit overwhelmed, not being used to witnessing such a situation. It seemed…homely, somehow.
"Umm. Let's see now. Welcome?" Endahren had wandered over to where she was standing, and delivered the hesitant welcome.
"Ah. Yes." Ellanore blinked. There was something she was supposed to do now, but she had forgotten what it could be.
"You brought something?"
She gave a start at the question. The gift, yes! She pushed it towards him, suddenly anxious to get rid of it. "For you. Starlight greetings." The boy looked surprised, and hesitantly took the box from her hands.
"Thank you…"

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