Starlight Tidings (After)

Vana'diel date: 885/12/26
Viewpoint: Ellanore Delouvien
Place: Northern San d'Oria, by the Phoenix Perch Inn
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:40

Ellanore stomped her feet on the ground. It was getting quite chilly, and she was really getting quite annoyed at her one remaining Starlight greeting card. A galka. Seriously, a galka adventurer! In San d'Oria! She tried to remind herself that others had completed their card distribution with honor. Like that mithra from before, Rii Kalira. She had actually talked quite a bit with her before, although maybe that wasn't something to be glad over as now she still hadn't distributed all her cards. You could never know too many people in this line of business, though.
That was one of her shortcomings. She just couldn't seem to befriend enough people, and going out all by herself was quite dangerous at her experience levels. While she had learned a lot since autumn, there was still so much more left to learn. Traveling at farthest to Bastok and back wasn't exactly her idea of adventure, especially when she had mostly clung to the well-trodden paths while doing it.
Rii Kalira apparently adventured with a San d'Orian elvaan, and while she was a healer-type herself the man was good enough of a fighter that the two balanced each other out on their travels. Ellanore wondered if she couldn't do much better if she teamed up with a healer as well. She could heal somewhat, traveling long ways alone had taught her the necessity of that, but she wasn't too fond of using too much magic. She'd much prefer to physically fight her adversaries. It felt more honorable somehow, although she wouldn't for the life of her call fighting with magic dishonorable, exactly. It just wasn't something for her.
That was when she noticed a shape in the crowd, one bigger than the rest. A quick assessment confirmed the shape to be a galka, wearing full chainmail and heading out towards Ranperre's Gate. Ellanore felt so relieved she could cried if she was another type of person. She wouldn't have to give up after all, and could distribute all her cards.
"Excuse me!" She made her way through the crowd. "Mr galka there, please wait a moment!" The galka finally heard her and stopped when she was within a couple meters of him.
"Can I help you..?" The strong face was filled with polite curiosity.
"Yes, you've helped a lot in fact. Starlight greetings!" She smiled brightly and handed over the card. The confused galka took it from her.
"Ah, thank you." He looked at the card curiously. "Is this by any chance one of them moogle shenanigans of this year? Saw them making a ruckus earlier today."
Ellanore nodded. "Took me the whole day to track down a fitting recipient too. I keep wondering if it wouldn't be better for them to plan their events more cleanly beforehands."
The galka barked a laugh. "You don't say. No matter what the damn buggers do, it's always up to us to get their behinds out of trouble! Exactly why I was trying to avoid them this time."
"You have experience with this kind of events?"
"Do I ever. Guiding wayward actors and buffaloes filled up my tolerance for MHMU events for this year for sure." Ellanore nodded sympathetically. While she hadn't been around for either event, she'd heard rumors of wayward actors last summer, and the buffalo thing would have certainly been hard to avoid hearing about. "I'm Grundan by the way. Nice to meetcha."
"Ah.." Ellanore started and bowed lightly. "Forgive me my rudeness, I completely forgot to introduce myself. Ellanore Delouvien, at your service."

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