Starlight Tidings (Before)

Vana'diel date: 885/12/26
Viewpoint: Ellanore Delouvien
Place: Northern San d'Oria, Parade Square
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:39

Ellanore wondered what she'd gotten herself into. This year's Starlight Celebration was a mess for her. It was her first since she'd left home and started adventuring - not that said adventuring had been all that adventurous for her - and a couple days before the event her moogle had hinted at her that the MHMU might have something for idle adventurers to do. She hadn't known what exactly it would be, but it had soon become clear enough the day before when she'd wandered into the Parade Square and gotten hooked up by Smilebringers to deliver gifts, and MHMU to deliver cards. She didn't even have clear instructions for either of these, just vague words in the effect of "make people happy". She looked at the four Starlight greeting cards she had left and sighed. At least the presents had been easy, kids were delighted to receive anything.
She looked around. The next card described the recipient as a fierce but beautiful mithra, and praised the glories of her bushy tail of all things. Ellanore looked at it, disgusted. Why did she have to find a mithra adventurer in San d'Oria? In San d'Oria, the city known for its inhospitality to other races! She was just pondering about the merits of giving up and returning the rest of the cards to the moogle when she saw it. A mithra skulking by the side of the road, her tail switching back and forth furiously.
Ellanore didn't waste any time. Annoyed that adventurer might be, but she wanted to get this card off her hands. And it's not like the mithra was annoyed at her, so it shouldn't matter too much. "Excuse me." The mithra turned around, and Ellanore had the card ready. "Starlight greetings!"

Category: With White Wings

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