The Way of the Bow

Vana'diel date: 878/12/15
Viewpoint: Ellanore Delouvien
Place: Northern San d'Oria, outside the Delouvien residence
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:29

Concentrate. Draw a deep breath. Raise the bow, draw the string. Hold. Release. Again. Concentrate. Feel the bow. Draw a breath, raise the bow. Draw the string. Hold.
Ellanore's breath misted in the crisp air as she worked on her archery practice. Just the basics. Just the very basics. But strangely, she felt much calmer than she ever had with the sword. This came naturally to her, it flowed out almost effortlessly. Mr Arandant said she had a gift for it, and had become much friendlier towards her since she had said she was giving up the sword. She supposed she had been the only one who didn't see how it did not fit her in the slightest. But this, this was her skill. She had found it, she was at peace. Even though it had been only three months ago she had desperately wanted to learn the sword, she now hardly ever thought about it. Even the rare instances she did, it was only to think how foolish she had been. Draw a breath, raise the bow. Feel it, feel the way the bow had enough power to send forth a deadly missile, small and light but made powerful by the force of the bow.
She sighed happily and lowered the bow once again.
"You look happy." She blinked and looked to the side. She hadn't noticed anyone had approached her, she had been too concentrated on her practice.
"I guess I am." The person observing her was Endahren. Lately, she had felt a lot more ambivalent towards him. Not that she had ever hated her, she was quick to correct herself, but sometimes, having him around had been bothersome. Now, though… Ever since he had given her that piece of advice about going on her own path and not being too caught up with dreams of grand swordsmanship, her thoughts on the matter had been more confused. She glanced above towards the window of her room distractedly. On that table, in a special box that also housed several of her other treasures, was the compound eye circlet he had given her that day. She had had to ask her father what it was exactly, if it had any magical properties. Just a slight little enchantment, barely detectable. Even so, she treasured it. It was a thoughtful gift. "You should not be hopping here all the time. Don't you have a store to look after?"
Endahren chuckled. "Father really takes care of it most of the time. My time to be busy will come yet, but it's not just yet. Mostly I just help out when it gets busy or he has other business to take care of." Ellanore nodded slowly. She hadn't really thought before of how he lived his life, what he did with his days. But this kind of arrangement made sense. Nothing could have two leaders, really, there was only one sovereign.
"Well then, what are you doing here?"
"Just felt like seeing you. And to ask if you would like to come to out family's traditional Starlight Celebration dinner, on the 25th. Lots of good food and all!" Ellanore stared at him. This was certainly new. She generally didn't have too much to do with the Merchells, and they not with her family.
"…Come on now, you don't have to be so shocked. It's a very simple question." She couldn't quite identify the emotion in his voice. He was looking at her earnestly, but there was something she could not quite place.
"Well. I…I suppose. Since there's the engagement and all." The thought filled her with confusion, still. She had always known the time for the two of them to get to know each other better would come eventually, but she hadn't thought it would be any time soon. A family dinner, now?
"Great! Well, I'll be seeing you then, if not earlier! Mother has the specifics, you should work it out with her." Endahren smiled brilliantly, turned, and left without even a goodbye. Ellanore stared after him. That had been…sudden. Then she frowned. Knowing him, it could be a prank. She growled under her breath and started packing away her bow. Dishonorable lout. Then she stopped. He had mentioned to get in contact with his mother. It didn't really sound like it was just a prank. Suddenly, Ellanore felt like crying.

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