To Become Stronger

Vana'diel date: 886/7/18
Viewpoint: Ellanore Delouvien
Place: Selbina / Valkurm Dunes
Posted on 01 Jun 2012 16:43

Ellanore sighed in frustration, remembering how difficult it had been to come here unhindered. Lately, things had been getting hectic. There was Grundan, and there was the unstoppable force of nature that was Grendel. That person, who she still wasn't sure was male or female but had decided upon referring to as 'he', to no protests from the person himself, was always trying to come up with new schemes to get himself killed. But she had eventually gotten away from the two, and she really needed this time for herself to train. The other two were gaining skills much too fast for her, and she was starting to feel like a burden. The only problem now was finding a suitable place to train, and with the constant goblin threat around the area of Valkurm, she wasn't sure if this had been a very good idea after all.
She'd reached Selbina through regional teleportation several hours before, and had now finished her preparations, so the question was becoming a more immediate problem than it had been before. That was when she saw a familiar figure walking by towards the local weavers' guild. It was that white mage, Rii Kalira, who had quite a few problems of her own. Ellanore hesitated for a moment when seeing the expression on the other's face, but then made her way to the mithra and greeted her. It was likely nothing a little training exercise in the dunes couldn't cure.

Ellanore leaned back against the stone behind her. It felt cool, and the shadow it provided was more than welcome. She had lost her sense of time out here, but it had been many hours since she had teamed up with Rii Kalira and come out here. It turned out Rii Kalira was much more familiar with the area than she herself was, and provided many useful hints. She had even pointed her towards an elder resident of Selbina, who was apparently known for helping in the training of adventurers who caught his fancy. And sure enough, she had been given a trial to complete. That had given this little training session a more urgent tone in her mind, a new level of seriousness she welcomed gladly.
It was becoming late, the sun was shining barely a hand's width above the horizon. The shadows stretched long before her. Ellanore reached for her water rations, so essential in this area that was known for its heatwaves. It had been a fruitful day, all in all, and she had been blessed to witness a style of fighting she had never before seen or heard of, that of dancing with daggers. It looked just as graceful as it sounded, and while the damage dealt at once to an opponent wasn't too great, it seemed to provide a much greater security in survival than most other physical styles. She thought she might try it out herself sometimes, although wasn't too confident she could do it well. She had never been too good with daggers, heavy hitters were more her style.
She took a final gulp from her water and stood up. "Ready to continue?" There was still plenty of the day left.

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