Crystal Chronicles

A powerful dark substance, the terrible Miasma, has covered all the world after a
terrible meteor struck. This miasma is fatal, causing instant death to anyone who
comes into contact with it. When all looked like their was nothing to be done, and
that the miasma could not be destroyed, everyone began to lose hope...

But then the Crystal was discovered...

This powerful crystal could keep away the miasma, protecting all types of races from
it's deadly poison. Large crystals were placed in the bigger towns, while smaller
crystals were placed in villages. However, this crystal needs the sacred substance,
the water Myrrh, to get its power.

However, the water Myrrh did not have eternal power...

Only for a single year could the Myrrh protect the races from the miasma. That's
why, every year, the villages and towns send out young, adventurous villagers from their
home to seek the Myrrh trees, which held the Water of Life. These villagers traveled in
crystal caravans, and spent a year collecting drops of Myrrh from different trees.

If the villagers fall, their hometown will fall with them...

This is the story of a group of villagers who are out to collect Myrrh...


Executive producer: Hiroshi Yamauchi, Hironobu Sakaguchi
Producer: Akitoshi Kawazu
Director: Kazuhiko Aoki
Character designer: Toshiyuki Itahana
Art director: Toshiyuki Itahana
Composer: Kumi Tanioka, Hidori Iwasaki


Basic Guide
Miasma Streams
Blazing Caravans
Crafting Scrolls

World and Lore
World Timeline
Game Timeline

Beyond the Boundless Sky
Memories Like the Sunshine
World Ultimania
Version Differences

Ring of Fates
My Life as a King
My Life as a Darklord
Echoes of Time
Crystal Bearers

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