Final Fantasy

Over the years, the Final Fantasy series has garnered not only the numbered entries and their sequels, but also the numerous other products - spin-offs, novelizations, manga... This list tries to give a picture of what the series includes besides just the main games.

Main Series

Final Fantasy I
Final Fantasy II
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XI
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XV
Final Fantasy XVI

Direct Sequels and Prequels

Final Fantasy I
Stranger of Paradise
(see also Dissidia series)

Final Fantasy IV
The After Years

Final Fantasy V
Legend of the Crystals

Final Fantasy VII
Advent Children
Before Crisis
Crisis Core
Dirge of Cerberus
First Soldier
Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy XII
Revenant Wings

Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Lightning Returns

Final Fantasy XV
A King's Tale
Monster of the Deep

The Tactics Series

Main Series
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift
Final Fantasy Tactics S

Crystal Defenders
Crystal Defenders+
Vanguard Storm

The Crystal Chronicles Series

Main Series
Crystal Chronicles
Ring of Fates
Echoes of Time
Crystal Bearers

My Life as a King
My Life as a Darklord

The Dissidia Series

Dissidia 012 duodecim
Dissidia NT
Opera Omnia

Type Series

Final Fantasy Type-0
Final Fantasy Agito
The Awakening

Explorers Series

Final Fantasy Explorers
Explorers Force

Theatrhythm Series

Curtain Call
All-star Carnival
Final Bar Line

Legend Series

Dimensions II

World Series

World of Final Fantasy

Brave Exvius Series

Brave Exvius
War of the Visions

Other Spinoffs

The 4 Heroes of Light
Record Keeper
The Spirits Within
Final Fantasy Unlimited

Social and Casual Spinoffs

Airborne Brigade
All the Bravest
Artniks Dive
World Wide Words

Final Fantasy XI Universe

Expansion Discs
Rise of the Zilart
Chains of Promathia
Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Wings of the Goddess
Seekers of Adoulin

Story Expansion Packs
A Crystalline Prophecy
A Moogle Kupo d'Etat
A Shantotto Ascension

Battle Expansion Packs
Vision of Abyssea
Scars of Abyssea
Heroes of Abyssea

Other Expansions
Rhapsodies of Vana'diel
Voracious Resurgence


Final Fantasy XIV Universe

A Realm Reborn

Expansion Discs

Final Fantasy XV Universe

Note that direct sequels and prequels are listed in their own section.

A New Empire
War for Eos

In-universe Games
Justice Monsters Five
King's Knight

Card Games

Trading Card Game
Tetra Master
Triple Triad

Manga and Comics

Beyond the Boundless Sky
Final Fantasy I Manga
Final Fantasy Type-0 Manga
The Ice Reaper
Legend of Eternal Wind
Lost Stranger
Unlimited After

Novels and Short Stories

After Spiral
The After Years Novelization
The Bonds of Two
Change the World-series
Chronicles of Light
The Dawn of the Future
Episode i
Episode Zero
Final Fantasy IV Novelization
Final Fantasy XI Novel Series
Final Fantasy XIV Novels
Fragments After
Fragments Before
In the Mist-Shrouded Capital
The Kids Are Alright
Labyrinth of Nightmares
Maiden Who Traveled the Planet
Memories like the Sunshine
Memory of Heroes
One Day in the Garden's Classroom
On the Way to a Smile
Our World
Parting Ways
The Price of Eternity (Final Fantasy X-2.5)
The Spirits Within novelization
Tracer of Memories
Traces of Two Pasts
Unlimited After


Case of Denzel (anime short)
Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding (mobile game)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (cd drama)
Final Fantasy Unlimited - With You (mobile game)
Final Fantasy Unlimited on PC (PC game)
Last Order (anime short)
Lost Episode (mobile game)
Unlimited After 2 (cd drama)
Unlimited Before (cd drama)

The Chocobo Series

Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon
Chocobo's Dungeon 2
Chocobo Racing
Chocobo Stallion
Dice de Chocobo
Hataraku Chocobo
Chocobo Land: A Game of Dice
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales
Chocobo de Mobile
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon
Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon: Majo to Shoujo to Gonin no Yuusha
Chocobo Panic
Chocobo's Crystal Tower
Chocobo no Chocotto Nouen
Chocobo Racing 3D



Non-FF FFs
Vagrant Story

Would-be FFs
Agni's Philosophy

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