Quarterstone (クォーターストーン [quarterstone] in Japanese) is an area in western La Noscea in Final Fantasy XIV, facing the Rhotano Sea to the south. Skull Valley is to the north-west, and to the east is Three-malm Bend.

Quarterstone was the site of a moderately flourishing farming community before the Calamity struck, despite its soil consisting of too much sand and rock for most varieties of wheat to survive in. Special varieties of wheat were cultivated by the families to counteract this, and the common livestock in the area was dodos. However, the farmer families fled to Limsa Lominsa during the Calamity1 , leaving their fields and livestock to fend for themselves. It is only recently that they have started returning.

Note that while this area has been retconned in starting with version 2.0, in version 1.x it was still just another stretch of the greater Skull Valley area.


The Brewer's Beacon

The Brewer's Beacon (ブルワーズ灯台 [brewer's toudai] or 'brewer's lighthouse' in Japanese) is a new lighthouse built immediately following the Calamity2 to replace Swiftperch Tower that was destroyed in the event. In addition to guiding ships safely to the nearby Aleport, it also serves as a watchtower against sahagin attacks and tidal waves caused by Leviathan.

The Flock

The area known as the Flock (ドードー営巣地 [dodo eisouchi] or 'dodo nesting grounds' in Japanese) is what is left of the old fields that used to spread about Quarterstone. Feral dodos have taken the fields as their nesting grounds.


Note that Quarterstone was part of the Skull Valley area in version 1.x. Please see Skull Valley's page for the 1.x info.


Regular NPCs

Quest NPCs
Jacke Swallow
Starved Pup


Battlecraft Regional Leves
At the Gates
Fresh Meat
Grabbing Crabs
Jackal and the Livestock
No Egg to Stand On
Shock Therapy
The Sprite of Competition
A Tall Odor

Barometz Soup
The Killing Fields
The Last Straw
Tender Buttons
((i just died in six arms tonight (FF14 Quest)|(I Just) Died in Six Arms Tonight))


Level: 30
Grade 2 Carbonized Matter
Grey Pigment
Ice Shard

Level: 50
Black Limestone
Grade 3 Carbonized Matter
Ice Crystal
Ice Shard

Level: 20
Ice Shard
Icelight Seeds
Island Seedling
Lalafellin Lentil
Paprika Seeds

Fishing: Swiftperch
Level: 10, Type: Saltwater
Blue Octopus
Harbor Herring
Lominsan Anchovy
Moraby Flounder
Pebble Crab
Rothlyt Oyster
Tiger Cod
White Coral

Fishing Hole: The Brewer's Beacon
Level: 15, Type: Saltwater
Gigant Octopus
Harbor Herring
Helmet Crab
Navigator's Brand
Navigator's Dagger
Ogre Barracuda
Rothlyt Oyster
White Coral


Regular Monsters
Arbor Buzzard
Big Claw
Fat Dodo
Lightning Sprite
Rhotano Buccaneer
Sewer Mole
Wild Jackal

FATE Monsters
Gluttonous Gertrude
Old Six-Arms
Wild Dodo
Wild Jackal
Dodo's Nest

Leve Monsters
Molting Megalocrab

Quest Monsters
Game Fowl
Jolly Merchant Barber
Jolly Merchant Lodesman
Jolly Merchant Waister

Rank B+ Hunts
Dark Helmet

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