Cape Westwind


Cape Westwind (ウエストウインド岬 [westwind misaki] or 'westwind cape' in Japanese) is a cape on the south-western coast of Aldenard in Final Fantasy XIV. It faces the Strait of Merlthor (and thus, the Rhotano Sea) to the west and the Footfalls to the east, and gained its name from the strong westerly winds blowing from the sea1 . It was inaccessible in version 1.x, and has been occupied by Garlean forces since the Calamity.


Imperial Outpost

The Imperial Outpost (帝国軍前哨基地 [tekokugun zenshou kichi] or 'imperial army outpost base' in Japanese) is a Garlean encampment that takes up most of the Cape in the present day. It provides land access to the nearby Castrum Marinum via a magitek transporter.


Basic Info

A Duty Finder trial located on Cape Westwind is unlocked in the duration of the A Ream Reborn main story in the quest Operation Archon.

Minimum Level: 49, Sync Level: 50
Party Members: 8, Party Composition: 2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 DPS
Time Limit: 90 minutes
Roulette: Main Story, Trials
Major Drops: Rhitahtyn sas Arvina Triple Triad card

Description: It has come to light that Rhitahtyn sas Arvina, praefectus castrorum of the XIVth Legion, is scheduled to inspect the imperial outpost at Cape Westwind. Although native to a territory subjugated by the Empire, Rhitahtyn's prowess as a field tactician has won him a station of great authority within the Garlean military. Such a formidable enemy general will surely prove an obstacle to the Alliance's efforts to purge the realm of the imperial menace. For the first phase of Operation Archon, you have been entrusted the mission of infiltrating the imperial outpost and striking him down.


Cape Westwind is a very straightforward trial. Rhitahtyn will spawn alone initially, and will periodically place flaming circles on the ground - easily avoided. In addition, he will occasionally launch missiles that hit anyone in his immediate vicinity.

At 2/3 health he will spawn two Optio. It being years after the release of this fight, these will not provide a challenge to any group that isn't purposefully trying to make the fight difficult.



Fishing Log: Cape Westwind
Level: 45, Type: Saltwater
Blacklip Oyster
Haraldr Haddock
Merlthor Goby
Pirate's Bane
Sea Devil
Silver Shark
Titanic Sawfish
Whitelip Oyster
Timeworn Goatskin Map


Regular Monsters
4th Cohort Eques
4th Cohort Hoplomachus
4th Cohort Laquearius
4th Cohort Secutor
4th Cohort Signifer
4th Cohort Vanguard

Trial Monsters
7th Cohort Optio
Rhitahtyn sas Arvina

1 Encyclopedia Eorzea, p.142

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