Fallgourd Lake


Fallgourd Lake (秋瓜湖 [shuugako] or 'autumn gourd lake' in Japanese) is located in north Shroud, bordering either Emerald Moss or Alder Springs, depending on which version of the game you believe. In version 1.x it's Emerald Moss, but in version 2.0 what used to be the Emerald Moss area is further south and largely destroyed by the Calamity, and the Fallgourd Lake lies in Alder Springs (which, in turn, is located further north in version 1.x). Version 2.0+ also further details the water systems around Fallgourd Lake, showing it connected to Lake Tahtotl to the north via Proud Creek, and connected to the eastern river Murmur Rills via a south-westerly unnamed river that might itself be a branch of the Murmur Rills.

Fallgourd Lake had no special features before the Calamity, but afterwards the village of Fallgourd Float was built on top of it on floats and bridges.



Fishing (1.x)
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Black Eel
Box Turtle
Dart Frog
River Crab
Yugr'am Salmon

Fishing (2.0+): Fallgourd Float
Level: 15, Type: Freshwater
Other: the Japanese name of further specifies this as the Fallgourd Fallgourd lakeside (the first being the name of the village, the second the name of the lake)
Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish
Brass Loach
Dark Sleeper
Faerie Bass
Maiden Carp
Rainbow Trout
Shadow Catfish
Striped Goby

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