Gil (ギル [gil] in Japanese) is the currency in Final Fantasy worlds. The coins themselves can be presumed to be very hard due to the attack Gil Toss and similar.

Most games have used the translation 'gil' in them, however earlier GP was used for the currency. This stood for 'gold points'. Note that that term or anything like it has never appeared in the original Japanese-language versions, it is only some of the earlier English translations that used it.

Early games had no representative icon or special letter for gil. However, later on they started to appear, and these days there are several representations to the looks of gil. Below is found a selection of them.

FF11 FF11 (GM) FF14 Airborne Brigade Brave Exvius Mobius Pictlogica Record Keeper


Final Fantasy IV
Gil was named after the person who created the currency, King Gilbart of Damcyan. He launched the currency and brought about Damcyan as the nation it stands today.

Final Fantasy XI / Grandmasters
Gil in Final Fantasy XI was launched in Jeuno as a common currency for the Alliance of Altana at the ending stages of the Crystal War, under the watching eye of the Archduke Kam'lanaut. Note that this makes gil a very recent creation, having only been in use for several decades by the story's start.

Final Fantasy XIV
Gil is in use all over Eorzea. However, the culture isn't advanced enough (or unified enough) to have all the coins look the same, or even be made from the same materials in the same way. Thus, gil coins minted in different places can have vastly different values. There are also various commemorative gil coins known to be minted.

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