Hammerlea (金槌台地 [kanazuchi daichi] or 'hammer plateau' in Japanese) is an area in western Thanalan in Final Fantasy XIV. It is being newly developed for housing the cream of Ul'dah. While no mention of the fact is found in the game itself, the area likely gained its name in the years following the Calamity when the development began, and was considered a part of Horizon's Edge before that, and it may be that even parts of Scorpion Keep are included.

Hammerlea is located to the south of Horizon's Edge and Nophica's Wells, at level with Horizon's Edge but considerably higher than Nophica's Wells and sea level. To its west lies the Rhotano Sea and the Silver Bazaar, and to the east the city of Ul'dah itself. To the south it's bordered by rocky hills and cliffs, among which the settlement of Goblet lies on a mesa. The Royal Allagan Sunway runs through it on a north-west/south-east direction, and it is connected to Horizon's Edge via a stone bridge.


Beaconhill Lighthouse

The Beaconhill Lighthouse (ビーコンヒル灯台 [beaconhill toudai] or 'beaconhill lighthouse' in Japanese) was built to safely guide merchant ships to the harbor at Silver Bazaar. When it was built the Silver Bazaar was still a major port of commerce and the main seafaring port for the city of Ul'dah. However, after Vesper Bay was established as a major port, merchant ships started heading there instead, making the Beaconhill Lighthouse largely meaningless.

The Eighty Sins of Sasamo

The Eighty Sins of Sasamo (ササモの八十階段 [sasamo no hachijuu kaidan] or 'eighty steps of sasamo' in Japanese) is a staircase that connects Hammerlea to the Gate of the Sultana, the western gate to the city of Ul'dah. The stairs are named after a would-be Sultana some 200 years ago in late 1300s, who plotted to steal the throne from her elder sister. She was made to walk these steps 80 times a day for 80 days as punishment1 . It is said that there are 80 of the steps in this story, which could either be an embellishment or a simple result of erosion or sand and loose dirt piling up on the steps over the years, decreasing their number.

It bears to note that while this story proves the steps and the gate were meant to have been there all along, they didn't actually exist in version 1.x. It is also said by people within the city in 2.0+ that the Gate of the Sultana was not open to the public until after the Calamity, which gives somewhat of an explanation for that.

The Hammers

The Hammers are temporary hammering towers that are flattening the land to make it suitable to build grand estates on. There are three of them currently in operation, the East, South and West Hammers (in order 一号杭打塔 [ichigou kuiuchi tou] or 'first piling tower', 二号杭打塔 [nigou kuiuchi tou] 'second piling tower' and 三号杭打塔 [sangou kuiuchi tou] 'third piling tower').

Royal Allagan Sunway

The Sunway (アラグ陽道 [allag youdou] or 'allag sunway' in Japanese) cuts through Hammerlea and connects Vesper Bay and Horizon to the city of Ul'dah.

Scorpion Crossing

Scorpion Crossing (スコーピオン交易所 [scorpion kouekijo] or 'scorpion commerce place' in Japanese) is a waypoint for goods arriving to Ul'dah via the Royal Allagan Sunway from Vesper Bay. Here a final determining is made on the quality of the goods. The majority continues their way on to the city proper, while the worst rejects get sent to the Silver Bazaar.



Scorpion Crossing NPCs
Graceful Song (levemete)
Brass Blade Nononzo
Solitary Elk
Haberdasher (merchant)
Merchant & Mender

Other NPCs
Flame Officer Momoraji
Brass Blade

Diligent Worker
Nervous Merchant
Tiny Trader
Veteran Gladiator
Worried Worker
Shipment of Brass Cogs


Side Quests
A Dab'll Do Ya
I Believe You Can Fly
No Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night
Ticked Off
Where the Heart is (Goblet) (goblet aethernet)

The Cores
Deface the Facts
A Matter of Rust
Needles to Slay
Please Hammers Don't Hurt Them
Things That Make You Go Home

Battlecraft Guildleves
Berries Got Bucked
Either Love Them or Kill Them
Needles to Say
Nothing Compares to Shrews
Observe and Protect
The Ore the Better
Procession of the Noble
A Spoonful of Poison
Two Yalms Under

Tradecraft Guildleves
Bad Romance
The Bleat Is On
Burn Me Up
Days of Chunder
Don't Be So Tallow
Gotta Bounce
The Hexster Runoff
Hire in the Blood
Hora at Me
Horn of Plenty
Long Hair, Long Life
Met a Sticky End
A Needle Is a Small Sword
A Ringing Success
This Is Why You Can't Have Nice Things
Time for Action
Water of Life
Wiggle Room

Fieldcraft Guildleves
Do They Ore Don't They
I Don't Zinc It's a Coincidence
Miners' Holiday
Pipikkuli's Ship Comes In
The Primrose Path
Rubble Bubble
Vanishing Point
Who Needs the Paperwork


Mining (lv5)
Copper Ore
Muddy Water
Fire Shard
Water Shard

Mining (lv10)
Soiled Femur
Tin Ore
Zinc Ore
Water Shard

Quarrying (lv50 unspoiled)
Appearance: 5 AM
Dark Matter Cluster
Unaspected Crystal
Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil
Water Cluster


Regular Monsters
Earth Sprite
Giant Tortoise
Goblin Mugger
Greataxe Beak
Little Ladybug
Naked Shrew
Nesting Buzzard
Pyrite Coblyn
Star Marmot
Sun Midge Cloud
Uncommon Cactuar
Yarzon Feeder

FATE Monsters
Goblin Mugger
Hammer Beak
Rusty Coblyn
Yarzon Feeder

Leve Monsters
Blood-eyed Buzzard
Hammer Beak
Loverly Ladybird
Nutmuncher Marmot
Tomahawk Beak
Yarzon Lurker

Quest Monsters
Circling Vulture
Desperate Mongrel
Earth Sprite
Grain Weevil
Murderous Marauder
Parasite Ladybug
Pfarmurl the Driven
Wandering Eye

Rank B+ Hunts
Sewer Syrup
Zona Seeker

1 Encyclopedia Eorzea, p.142

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