Please be adviced that the pace of the transfer is absolutely limited by health concerns - again, main person who's working on this broke his wrist a couple months ago - and as such there are no timeline estimates to be given.
Most of the transfer has to be done by hand for lack of any other option. The code change for reach page is currently being done by sheer brute force find-replace, with manual tweaking afterwards to fix the tricky bits. If any site member reading this is willing and capable of writing a script to automate that, we'd be very grateful for the contribution. It would cut down the time required for the transfer quite drastically.

Currently working on
FF14 location pages. After this the location pages transfer will be complete.

Soon upcoming
Encyclopedia pages. The encyclopedia lists are transferred as they were, there's a chance they will be tweaked later. But what's currently missing is the content itself and that's next.
FF14 content. Several of you have expressed an interest in quick access to the 1.x stuff specifically as well as the comparisons between old and new versions of the game. We've got you, it's put on high priority.
FF3 content. What we were currently working on at old site...slowly. Sssllooowwwllly. Regardless, the FF3 stuff is not easily found elsewhere and as such will be a priority.
Unbacked-up content. In the death throes of the old site the automatic backup function stopped working, so there are quite a few months of unbacked-up content from the old site. We managed to back them up manually one page at a time, but it's creating difficulties with knowing what pages have a newer version. In the interest of avoiding doing double the work for these pages, they will be transferred with priority.

A bit later (roughly in this order)
Story, quests, and other activities.
Character and stat pages.
Ability data.
Items of all kinds.
Bestiary data.
Job data.

Sprinkled throughout
Books, novels, manga, all that nice extra lore stuff!
Articles from the old site.

Eventually, hopefully in the not so distant future
Voice actor data. Any other content not included in the above.
New content, including projects we're almost done with from old site's times. Also including several refreshes of older content to give more info on them (and in better ways), as well as more plentiful picture material for the same.

If you're checking on this post later and wondering what stage we've gotten up to, you can either check the latest edits, or drop an ask here or in direct messages. More information is always available to those who ask!